Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) Anhydrous

Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) Anhydrous
Product Description

Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) Anhydrous is a white colored inorganic compound which is used as an additive in cleaning chemicals and as a flux for hard soldering joints. It has a chemical formula Na3PO4 with a density of 2.536 g/mol. This compound also has a role to play as an acidity regulator in the food processing industry with E number E339. It is water soluble in nature and is known to decompose at 100 degrees Celsius. Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) Anhydrous can be industrially produced by neutralization of phosphoric acid in the presence of sodium hydroxide. It is insoluble in ethanol and has a melting point of about 1583 degrees Celsius.


Appearance - White Fine Powder

Grade - Technical

Purity – 98%

P2O5 – 41%

Packing – 25/50 Kg HDPE Bag

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